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Gaya Street Sabah, Malaysia

If you are looking for one place in Sabah which sells almost all products from every part of Sabah, have a visit to Gaya Street, located at the heart of Kota Kinabalu. It opens only on Sunday mornings, and believe me, you might spend a long hours walking in the crowd here.

There is a long shopping lane along Gaya Street, which consists of stalls selling local to non-local foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, hand-made to imported products, pets, paintings, fruit trees, books, pearl jewelries, shoes, and many more. Shop to your heart out because the prices are very cheap. You can also rest during shopping and get foot massage from blind people organization with very reasonable charges.


During festive seasons, this street will be the center of attraction. A stage will be built in front of the street, live performance from local artistes and speeches from Sabah leaders. There will be many centers of photo shooting during these seasons, like giant Christmas tree and snow rains on Christmas day, and unique decorations of Chinese red lanterns during Chinese New year. Usually this street will be open at least 4 days in a row to celebrate the season.

Festival seasons or only Sunday’s season; this street will always be the shopping haven to those who want to go to one-stop place where you can get almost everything made in Sabah and especially with lower prices. Furthermore, it’s the best place to get your gifts to friends and family back home.

// Article wrote by Sazwina Saimon, Malaysia