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Best places to visit in the Philippines

You always wanted to visit the Philippines to experience its warm weather, the amazing culture, to see the most scenic spots you can see there, but the thing is out of its 7000+ Islands; you do not know where to start – well, look no further because here are the top 5 places to visit in the Philippines:

1. Boracay

Boracay has always been a favourite vacation/hangout spot not only for the tourist but to Filipinos as well. The Island maybe small but there are lots of things you can do here especially if you really love the outdoors! Diving, Snorkelling, Cliff Diving, Skiing, Motor biking – you name it, Boracay has it! Boracay has many resorts and hotels that can accommodate people; you can choose which fits for your budget. The nightlife is Boracay is also one of the reasons why people go here, the amazing parties, fire dancers, awesome bars and restaurants that will really make you party till dawn.

2. Banaue Rice Terraces

Located in Ifugao, Benguet, the Banaue Rice Terraces has always been one of those places that will absolutely leave you breathless because of its spectacular view! The man made terraces of the Ifugao tribe 2000 years ago is described today as “the stairway to the sky” because the rice terraces resembles staircases that looks as if it can reach the clouds due to its high altitude.

3. Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River

The Underground River is located in Puerto Prinsesa City in Palawan – also known as “the cleanest city in the Philippines”. This underground river is “the world’s longest navigable underground river”, you can see one of a kind rock formations and bats inside the cave. The river is located inside the National Park and therefore is being maintained preserved well. Guided Paddle boat tours will take you inside this beautiful underground river.

4. Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills is made up of 1,268 of almost symmetrical size land formation that ranges from 30-50 meters high that are scattered in the interior Island of Bohol. The unusual formation of this hill-like land formation was said to be caused by rock weathering that happened for about a million years in order for this rock formation to happen. The name “Chocolate Hills” was given because during summer the grass that covers these hills changes its color to brown.

5. Tubbataha Reef

If you are into the marine life, the Tubbataha Reef is the right place for you to visit. This amazing reef is said to rank as one of the Top 8 best diving spot in the world. The Reef was discovered during the 1970’s and since then it was under protection. You can see different kinds of corals, sharks, turtles, rays and the amazing biodiversity. In order to get to the Tubbatah Reef, you need to ride a boat because the reef is located in an isolated location.

/// Written by Mikzell D., The Philippines