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Beyond the Place Davao (Where Life Is), Philippines

“ You know it by name, but not beyond its assets.”


Davao- so-called the most progressing city lies in Southern Mindanao.
Over 1,530,365 (as of 2011) residents live here with 2,443.61 square kilometers. About 32% of the population are Muslims while 63% are Christians (may include Catholics, Iglesia ni CristoAglipayansProtestants, etc). Occupants who are less fortunate are easily being identified since they are obviously seen in the squatter areas who are mostly “land grabbers” as they say.  Most of the Muslims who settled in downtown area are occupying the gymnasiums, and by the seashore where they are fighting for survival. They are also the same group who asks for penny on vehicles in the streets even under the sunshine or rain bearing their children like a kangaroo’s pouch. Few are Christians who are begging for a single centavo from pitiable families.




With these mentioned above, it is not new to us that there are people who are really literally shouting for a transformation or change.  It is not new to the ears of the people about the chaos between the said groups especially to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Over how many years, these MILF are pulling the rope of peace, acquiring the power of politics indirectly and even the wealth of the government through force revolutionary tax and other means. But most of the time our brother Muslims are being misunderstood. Yes politicians hear, but are they listening? If they are listening, do they understand? Do they take actions?
It is not surprising that once in a while you can read on newspapers that there are treats for the lives of Filipinos either bomb treat or kidnapping.  Basically, kidnapping includes even people in authority and civilians. Worst is, it happens in the beautiful city of Davao and they are traveling along rural areas.


Davaoenos understand the complication of inviting tourists to visit the sceneries of the place. Amidst all of these, they are still promoting the city for it is really safe to live with because terrorists are just wandering along far flung areas and securities are taking their duties to uphold peace and unity within the community. In fact, most of the residents as they were interviewed in a certain television program and polls said that they do not really feel the distress happening. The city has a twenty four-hour duty-bounded armies and police officers who are roaming around the city to ensure safeness in barangays and even in social gatherings like election campaigns and the many others.




City Vice Mayor Rudy Duterte, well-known for his undying provision for the people, really sees to it that everybody is at peace especially at night. He has been recognized nationwide for a very strong leadership that even criminals and convicts are afraid of him. Even in the absence of the problem against the said terrorisms, citizens believes that he is capable of handling the city and he is doing his job not for his own interest but for the welfare of the settlers. Thus, he wins the run for elections and being supported all the way for how many years now.


Together with the acts of support by the city mayor is the sustenance for the annual celebrations and gathering of publics.  The Kadayawan is celebrated every 3rd Week of August where ethnicity as the center of the celebration and indulged as a heritage and treasure of Davao. Its name was derived from the friendly greeting “Madayaw”, where “dayaw”, means good, superior or beautiful. The festival is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. Duaw Davao. Also Araw ng Dabaw is celebrated on March 16 of the year which highlights the socio-civic and military parade, sports competition and the search for “Mutya ng Dabaw” (Miss Davao). These two are one of the reasons why tourists are attracted to visit the municipality. Aside from being peaceful, Davao is rich with magnificent sceneries which you can be fascinated by adventurous activities. In addition, every barangay has its own feast celebrations that centered on Christian devotions. Thus, they can say that in diversity Davaoenos are united, lost of victory they shared together; and one for all, all for one.


Furthermore, the only Philippine city included in the Top 100, Davao City placed 87th in the list of fastest-growing cities and urban areas in the world. One of the signs of its progress is the growing numbers of businessmen who deal to do trade in the city. In fact, in the heart of the city lies numerous high buildings and for many years from now, the city will become a successful industrialized area. Not only Davaoenos are enjoying its blessings but also people from different part of the globe who wishes to settle down here like Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, as well as Americans. These people are staying for good, for greener pasture and some aspiring to marry Filipinos.


Lastly, many people can say that in Davao life is here. For those who have been here, find life here again. For those who want to: experience, enjoy and fall in love with Davao.