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Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu

We all know that the Philippines offers beautiful white-sand beaches and underwater scenery. Endless options of beaches with powdery white sand are at your disposal wherein you can enjoy the heat while lounging by the shoreline getting your tan, swimming, snorkeling or even diving. However, if you are one of those people looking for a place to cool off instead of bathing in the sun, or wanting to do more activities to challenge yourself instead of being a bum at the beach, then Canyoneering in Cebu may be the right adventure for you.

So, what is Canyoneering? It is by definition the sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping. Sounds a lot of work, right? But this article may be able to convince you it is worth it.

The ultimate canyoneering adventure in Badian, Cebu

This Canyoneering adventure is located in Badian, Cebu, a 3-hour drive south of Cebu City. You can take a bus in Cebu South Bus Terminal and ask to be dropped off in Brgy. Matutinao when you reach Badian. This is where you will meet your guide for the activity. Tour guides are highly recommended since the activities will be extreme that you will need someone who knows the ins and outs of the canyon to accompany you. Additionally, life vests and helmets are required for a safe journey. These gears, as well as food when you reach Kawasan Falls, are already included in the amount that you pay for your guide which is usually around P1200-P1500 or $25-$30. From Brgy. Matutinao, you will then need to take a short motorcycle ride to reach the starting point of the activity.

Canyoneering is mesmerizing

At the beginning of the journey, you will be asked to jump off an approximately 2-3 story high cliff into the water. This cliff is far from a flat platform, rather, it is uneven with sharp rocky edges and quite slippery too! Yes, they make you start big. However, if you can’t be that extreme, you may choose to climb down instead. From then on, you slowly move forward. This consists of more cliff jumps, slides, trekking and swimming. Surprisingly, you won’t feel tired at all since the water is so cold and mesmerizing with its turquoise color. You get to indulge in the beauty of nature. The rush of the water, the birds or insects chirping and the leaves dancing in the wind are like a different kind of music to your ears. The tour guides will let you enjoy all this without feeling the need to hurry in continuing the journey. They are even willing to take lots of pictures for you so you won’t need to worry about thorough documentation.

Since you started big, you might as well end the journey even bigger. The Canyoneering activity usually concludes in Kawasan Falls.

Here, the turquoise water is more apparent. You can even rent a raft to reach the main falls since swimming alone can be tiring with the deep water. You can tell the one pulling the raft to place you directly below the falls to get a sort of relaxing massage. Depending on the tour guide and fees you pay, a small feast would be ready for you when you reach Kawasan Falls. This is a must because the 3-4-hour trip should leave you ravenous.

For an adrenaline junkie or for someone who wants to take on a new challenge, Canyoneering in Cebu City is definitely one for the books.