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Chainat Bird Park, Chainat

A delightful attraction in the central Thai province of Chainat, Chainat Bird Park is, as the name suggests, home to hundreds and hundreds of attractive and interesting feathered creatures. Great for travellers with kids, it’s also a top spot to relax with your friends or that someone special.

Upon reaching the parking area and main entrance, you will be greeted by a large bird statue that bears the park’s name. It’s time for the fun to begin!

The large complex has some birds, like peacocks, roaming freely wherever they please. Small wild birds also flit amongst the branches of the trees and through the sky. The large aviary is one of the park’s main features, and visitors can step inside to get up close to an array of winged creatures. Indeed, around 100 different species of bird live in the aviary.


Take a wander at ground level and see birds that typically dwell on the floor and in bushes, and peer up into the treetops to try and spot even more birds. Climb up to the raised walkways for an closer look at the birds that prefer to be high up in the trees, and you might even feel a slight breeze as some birds fly right past your head.

There is a pond in the aviary that is the favourite hang-out spot of a group of pretty flamingos. See them standing on one leg and ducking their heads.

You can see even more birds around the park in various smaller aviaries, cages, and enclosures, as well as some that wade, waddle, and swim in or close to small ponds. Some of the more interesting birds outside of the aviary include hornbills, parrots, lovebirds, and ostriches. You might even come across a couple of birds that can talk!

There are various colourful and fun statues around the park, all with a bird-related theme. There are plenty of lovely flowers and sculpted bushes too, helping to add to the pleasant ambience. A large pond sits at the centre of the park, with nice paths leading around the water’s edge. A small island in the middle of the pond is home to an enormous statue of an eagle. Fish swim in the waters, and you can purchase some fish food to throw to the eagerly waiting mouths that gape just below the water’s surface. Take a moment to sit and relax on one of the benches around the pond, or rent a boat for a bit more action.

There is an egg museum within the park that is perfect for younger visitors who want to know more about a bird’s life. Taking you through the different stages, from egg to hatching and full-grown bird, you’ll probably be surprised at what you didn’t already know! There are specimens on display of different eggs – have a go at picking some up!

If the weather is hot and sunny, don’t miss the shallow pool, where little ones can paddle and splash around. Kids are also sure to enjoy the petting zoo section where they can meet several small furry creatures. Other attractions include a space museum, an aquarium, and a gift shop.

Admission to Chainat Bird Park costs 100 Thai Baht for adults and 50 Thai Baht for children. Discounted rates apply for Thai nationals.

/// Written by Sarah-Jane Williams, Thailand