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Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas

If you’re into escapade and taking postcard-perfect pictures in the Philippines, Club Balai Isabel has more to offer. This 4-star hotel and resort in the province was underrated before but now, it is becoming one of the trending destinations in the country.

Enjoy the view of the Taal Volcano at Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel is located at Talisay, Batangas where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Taal Volcano and its freshwater lake. Taal Volcano is one of the complex volcanoes on Earth. And it’s a surreal feeling to see it “up close and personal”.

10 years ago, Club Balai Isabel started off as a resort with some cottages and fewer facilities near Taal Lake but now, it is developed 14-hectare compound that has a variety of accommodations to offer. You may not just chill at your secure room/cottages/villas/luxurious room and their ethnic-style facilities but also experience water sports such as riding a banana boat, jetski, flyfish paddle board and speed boat. You may also enjoy extreme adventure like kayaking and volcano trekking! At night, you may pamper yourself with spa, traditional massage or body scrub with coffee and salt.

But, hey! You can’t swim in the lake and even if you want it, they will and must discourage you. It is for your own safety because Taal Lake is not “swimmable” anymore unlike during 2007. If you really want to swim, don’t worry, they’ve got three swimming pools for you: a medium-sized infinity pool, another pool for groups of people, and a kiddie one.

Club Balai Isabel also laments the fact that the no one can swim at the lake but they came up an idea to experience Taal Lake securely. Last April 2017, they launched one of the biggest inflatable water parks in the country. Aqua Park attracts more travellers and tourist these days. With these kinds of adventures, I can tell that they have no “peak” or “non-peak” season at all. Who’s going to get tired and bored here?

Anyway, there’s no need to feel anxious about the place being congested. Remember, it is as huge as 14-freaking-hectare compound and you’ll need their electronic car to tour the place! Or rent a bike if you prefer.

I doubt if I can explore every nook and cranny of the hotel-restaurant in a day. But Filipinos hospitality makes you feel you ought to stay forever.

During the trip and tour, you may pass through their helipad and the Spousal of Mary and Joseph Chapel. Feels like there’s a surprise or a new world in every corner of this place. Speaking of surprises, they also have sports facilities such as tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, place for playing darts and billiards, and also, a playground for the kids.

Relaxation by its beautiful scenery, pools and tranquillity of the view of Taal Volcano and lake is the perfect escape from boring reality and stresses.