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Discover Baguio City

Are you tired of your busy work schedule? Is your body unconsciously turning to vacation mode while at the office? Well, if you need one, Philippines has a bucket list of hot spots for you to try and visit!

BAGUIO CITY is indeed one of the best tourist destinations in the country. With its pristine and captivating views and sites, I’m sure every tourist would go back the next year for another trip! Being a tropical country, the temperature in the Philippines usually ranges from 33 to 35 degrees Celsius – a little bit on the warm side for Westerners. But, never fear, as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” has an answer for this!

With just the right amount of 15 degrees Celsius, I’m sure you would enjoy the place, the cultural diversity, and the tourist spots without the need of putting on sunscreen or large beach hats! The picture above was taken at Mines View Park right beside the heart of Baguio. Being situated at a very high altitude, the city is an A+ for hikers-at-heart and those who just love seeing the wonders of nature.

The green mountain ranges and the breathtaking rainforests prove how rich Baguio is with lush surroundings and God-gifted landscapes. Not only do your eyes get really full with the view, but your tummies as well! The food in Baguio is perfect for the VEGANS! So if you are, Baguio might be the best for you!

Being one of the major suppliers of farm fresh and organic vegetables and fruits in the Philippines, you would not believe how satisfied you would get from not only the best raw products, but also with their very cheap price.

Going on another page, I once heard Koreans talking with each other at a supermarket in our place. They were talking in English, saying that “everything is cheap in the Philippines”. That is indeed true, and may I add, that we don’t only sell cheap products, but also with the best export quality.
Now going back, Baguio is just a handful of kilometers away from Banaue, where one of SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD is located, most specifically, the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. So if ever you’re going to plan to travel here in the Philippines, there’s nothing much to think about where to go. Just a little drive here and there, with your car GPS or your trusty maps, you’ll find out that the tourist destinations are just at hand.

Food. Travel. Nature. Experience. Fun. Everything under the sun. There’s a lot of amazing possibilities Baguio has to offer to everyone. With just a 5-hour drive from Manila, never think twice to book your flight now and experience the vacation of a lifetime!

/// Written by John Michael Enriquez, The Philippines
Image : http://callalilybouquets.files.wordpress.com