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What can Filipinos do to improve their ecomony?

The Filipinos have become to be known as a race that can endure almost everything that comes to them. To the world, the Filipinos are a group of people which you can expect to give you a smile even amidst a tragedy that has transpired. This is the Filipino spirit –being happy still even in the middle of a crisis or a disaster. The Philippines is a strong country as people will say.
The economy of the Philippines for example could not be said as to be satisfactory. Most of the Filipinos are classified as to be living below the poverty line. Yet, even provided with this fact, an average Filipino can still manage to give a smile. In his head is a hope that perhaps tomorrow or the next day, he could be luckier than he is today.

A typical Filipino will normally be satisfied as long as there would be enough food for three square meals each day. This is the Filipino spirit. This is something that perhaps, Filipinos can be proud of and that is being contented with what he has in life and not complaining. But we must also take into consideration that contentment leads to mediocrity. If try to compare the Philippine economy with its Asian neighbors then we can see the large gap that exists between the Philippines and the Asian giants like China and Japan. But the Filipino spirit dictates a Filipino to just smile at this and not mind so much about his poverty. In this light, we can somehow point that one way to improve the economy of the Philippines is to change the mentality and the attitude of the Filipino people first. Being contented with three square meals each day is not enough and this will never be enough in this world wherein the basic needs are no longer limited to food, shelter and clothing. At this stage of our life, we have to admit the fact that there is more we need to continue to surviving and living.

Changing the mentality and the attitude of the Filipino people is just one simple yet a very good way to start with the battle of improving the economy. Somehow, Filipinos must start to think how to improve his means of living first and that includes not being satisfied with three square meals each day. Filipinos must realize that there is more to life than having food on the table each meal. A Filipino father must put into consideration that his duty to his children is not only to give them a little food, some clothing and a place to stay. He must also think that he has a duty to secure for his family some amount of quality living which means the provision of good food, clean clothing and a decent and safe home. This also extends to giving his children adequate education and training so that they will become productive members of the society as well.

If every Filipino would struggle to improve his quality of life first and foremost then it can be foreseen that the Philippine economy would experience a boost as well. The economy of the country, Filipinos must realize do not entirely rely on the politicians that they voted upon during elections and whom they see on TV once in a while. The Philippine economy has more to do with what every Filipino is trying to do and is doing to achieve financial independence for himself and his family. We have to constantly be reminded of the fact that although the Philippine economy is a primary concern of the Philippine government yet it appears to be as a large organism that is composed of tiny parts. Those tiny parts are the individual financial condition of every Filipino which forms part of a whole economy. At the end of the day, the eradication of contentment on one’s meager income or low station in life will be the key on reaching the goal of economical improvement.