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Fascinating Bunga Falls, The identical twins, The Philippines

Come and behold this mysterious place in Nagcarlan, Laguna and you, too will be mesmerized. Near the mountains in Calauan Laguna is the Bunga Falls. It is a twin falls – identical and beautifully choreograph with the water flushing down side by side. A big protruding rocks made these falls a twin. They said it is called a “Bunga Falls” because of the bunga trees or betel nuts that grow around the area.

Preserving the Filipino culture of testing the “macho” image of masculinity, they said that every man or boy jumps from the falls down. And some say that they feel as if someone or something is pulling them down deeper upon jumping. Mysteriously, some claims that there is a creature living down the deep pool. “Dayo” or first timers “outsiders” are the target of this creature. On the other hand, locals in Nagcarlan gave a different explanation for this myth. The catch basin down the falls is 10 meters deep and so the current is really strong. When you jump over from the falls, the sudden plunge of the catch basin makes you feel that somebody from deep down below is pulling you over.





Fascinating, serene- as you hear the sound of the cascading water and a nature’s gift to every creation is how I describe this natural recreation. Bunga Falls is easily accessible either via San Pablo or Sta. Cruz in Laguna. Travel time from Manila is less than an hour. So take a bus bound to Santa Cruz or San Pablo City. Nagcarlan town is just a jeepney ride away from either of these two towns. Once you get off from these towns, take a tricycle ride to take you off to the trail point towards Bunga Falls. Entrance fee is really affordable, only 5 pesos or 0.116 US dollars. It’s almost free and so it almost relates to the saying that the best things in life are free.




/// Written by Rosemarie Ramos, The Philippines