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The 7-Basin Jawili Falls, The Philippines

Covered by thick greens of different flaura, the 7-basin Jawili Falls is just a few minutes ride away from the town proper of Tangalan, Aklan. From the Kalibo International Airport, it may be reached through bus, van, or jeepney in thirty to forty-five minutes. The rich greens keep the falls partially hidden from those who are on the road. A minute of walking will lead you to the cottages that you can rent. Most people bring food and drinks and they keep their things in the cottage that they rented while they enjoy the clear, deep, and refreshing water of this fascinating falls.

People love diving here and it is perfect for those who know how to swim. However, there are also shallow parts for those who do not know how to swim but still want to take a dip into the water.

Daredevils can try to climb the falls but those who are just a bit adventurous can use the improvised stairs beside the falls so they can still bask in the ambiance and enjoy the site from above. The basins at the top part of the falls are even deeper than the ones below.

This Philippine jewel is a great place for people who love to have some quiet time with Mother Nature. You will be able to see birds of different sizes and shapes occasionally. The peaceful surrounding is perfect if you want to take a break from your busy mind, refresh your soul, or find inspiration.

The sunlight in the morning makes the place look cheerful, warm, and inviting, while the cool breeze in the late afternoons are perfect for siesta and relaxation.

They also have available rooms and huts that may be rented out for overnight stay. However, they do not have a restaurant so you need to bring your own food. You can also check nearby restaurants which are just a short tricycle ride or a long walk away. There are times when seafood vendors go to beach resorts including the 7 Basin Jawili Falls to check if the guests or the resort owners or employees are interested with what they have.
It is best to visit the 7 Basin Jawili Falls a few days after it rained. The waters are clear and the rapids are stronger. This is a perfect venue for families and friends to bond with each other and appreciate the gift of nature.


/// Written by Ma. Angelica Domingo, The Philippines