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Good Falling in love with El Nido

Palawan is the Philippines’ last frontier. The sword-shaped island is part of Luzon and blessed with powdery white sand beaches, amazing sceneries and welcoming people. El Nido is a six-hour journey by land northern of Puerto Princesa, Palawan or an hour and half flight to El Nido airport for a more expensive fee. This article is a glimpse of an El Nido tour. Included here were some snapshots of the destinations included in the island hopping tour.

Pinagbuyutan Island

This one-of-a-kind island is a perfect spot for swimming and camping. With the view the islets of El Nido, no camera can ever go wrong with each shot. You will never resist the turquoise waters of this island. (Note: this is included in Tour B of El Nido)


Matinloc Shrine

This island has a controversial past which the tour cannot share with the tourist. A short trek up the limestone cliff is a breath-taking view of the El Nido archipelago. (Note: included in Tour C of El Nido tour)


Snake Island

A straight sand bar connecting two islands is a unique attraction of this spot. Though swimming is not advisable because one side of the sand bar leads to open sea, a short trek to the view deck allows you to see the ombre of the clear waters and the white sand of El Nido. (Note: included in tour B)


Secret Beach

A challenging attraction to see. From a far, you will not notice that there was a beach behind the towering limestone formations. During high tide, one must dive in to pass through the small opening in the limestone formations. (Note: Included in tour C)



Codugnon Cave

Tired of beaches? A destination for lunch is the beach beside this cave. A small opening is the access to the wide dome inside this cave. It was believed to be inhabited by the Japanese soldiers and hid some golden treasure during the 2nd World War.


7 Commandos Beach

The last stop of Tour A. This is a perfect sunset viewing spot in the El Nido archipelago. The clear and calm waters welcome guests to have a dip. Want a tan-kissed skin? Lie down on its white sand beach for few moments.


So book a ticket and visit El Nido! You will have to visit 5 islands per tour. They have 4 island hopping tours to offer. To appreciate El Nido more, you have to be there yourself. ☺

/// Written by Tere Bernardino, The Philippines