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The Best Exotic Dining Experiences in Bangkok

Food is the best way to have a taste of the authentic culture of a country. In Bangkok, tourists are fortunate enough to have a wide variety of local dishes to be offered before them. These dishes may vary from Chinese, Burmese, Japanese, Indian and Thai cuisines. So many selections but you don’t know where to start, so here are some ways to help you have the best dining experience in Bangkok.

Street Food Galore in Thonglor Night Market

Bangkok is popular for its street food. If you are adventurous enough, you might find eating street food enjoyable. There are so many exotic dishes available in Thonglor Night Market, ranging from different sizes and shapes. A few examples include pork stew, fish maw soup, Chiar Siew Bun, papaya salad, wanton noodles, ripe mango sticky rice, and roasted duck.

Pad Thai is a famous restaurant along Soi 38 of the said night market. The restaurant offers authentic Thai dishes made from raw ingredients. Pad Thai is also considered as the country’s national dish.

The Bug Cart

If you want to have real fun by eating exotic dishes exclusive in Bangkok, visiting The Bug Cart can help you with this cause. The restaurant name may sound bizarre but the experience is worth it. You may also notice how popular this place is for foreigners because it is a unique opportunity for them to eat roasted bugs like crickets, scorpions, grasshoppers and silk worms.

Sushi Bar

Japanese tourists are common in Thailand, so finding a lot of sushi bars in the city is not surprising. In the Mood for Love is a popular Japanese restaurant with great lounge, open counter and comfortable dining booths. It is located right at the center of the city just alone Sukhumvit Rd. Crab tempura is a must-try, too!

Larb Moo

Great appetizer for a cheap price! This popular Isaan dish is made of pork and liver. The meat is dressed with fresh mint leaves, herbs, fish sauce, lime juice, rice crunch and spices. Larb Moo is a common meat salad in Thailand and is available at Tam Lai Restaurant near Major Pinklao.
Overall, Bangkok is a large gastro pub for food buddies. You have a lot of selections to choose from and for certain, a day tour will not be enough for food trips and sight-seeing.


/// Written by Emily A., The Philippines