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Huay Mae Khamin Waterfalls, Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi and it’s amazing Erawan Waterfall

Many nature lovers who visit Thailand’s western province of Kanchanaburi head to the beautiful and popular Erawan Waterfall, a gorgeous natural attraction that features a seven-tiered waterfall surrounded by lush forested areas and plenty of wildlife. Swimming is possible in several of the shimmering pools, and the hike up the waterfall is lovely. Drawing large crowds, it can get pretty busy! Did you know though that Kanchanaburi has another stunning multi-level waterfall? A place that is equally as beautiful but without the large crowds? Visit Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall for a quieter and more serene experience, with great hiking, swimming, and nature spotting opportunities. Indeed, Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall is often said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Thailand.

Enjoying Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall


The waterfall has seven levels, flowing down around 2 kilometres of lush hillside. Each level offers something different, and the walk between each tier is fairly easy. The seven main levels vary in height and width, and you’ll also find plenty to admire in between. Small rock ledges, pools, flowing water, and greenery appear all the way along the trail. There’s also plenty of wildlife – look out for small lizards, a variety of birds, large beetles, and colourful butterflies.

Each beautiful level has its own name, indicated by a signboard. Running from bottom to top the levels are called Dongwan, Man Khamin, Wangnapha, Chatkaew, Laijonlong, Dong Pheesua and Romklaw. At the bottom you will also see a small sub-station that creates electricity for the park using solar power.

Banyan trees and bamboo add character to the levels, and you are likely to encounter no more than a handful of people at each stop. Indeed, it is possible to find pools of emerald water that are suitable for swimming with no other people around.

The fourth tier is one of the most impressive, with water flowing down many stepped rocks. You are not allowed to walk in this area for safety reasons, but there is a viewing platform from where you can enjoy the majesty of nature. The highest level of Romklaw is also stunning, with small streams branching off into the dense foliage.

Location of Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall close to Kanchanaburi


Situated within the stretching Khuean Srinagarinda National Park, Huay Mae Khamin is well signposted with a parking area nearby. The drive will take you across undulating mountain ranges, complete with marvellous far-reaching views. There is a parking area right next to one of the waterfall’s levels (level 4).

The national park is located around 50 kilometres beyond Erawan Waterfall. The distance from Kanchanaburi town is about 110 kilometres, and the town of Thong Pa Phum is about 80 kilometres away.

You will need your own transport to get to the waterfall; there is no public transport. Due to the mountainous terrain, a 4-wheel-drive is recommended. Car ferries also operate from Ban Tha Kradan close to Kanchanaburi. Admission to the national park is 300 THB for adults (non-Thai) and 200 THB for children. You’ll find a camping area (additional fees apply), restrooms, shops, and cafes.

/// Written by Sarah-Jane Williams, Thailand