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My Subterranean River experience

Philippines is so rich of its beautiful sceneries. IF you wanna live your life to the fullest, no need to think twice, pack up your bags and let’s get it on!!!

Puerto Princesa is one of the beautiful places in the Philippines, with its captivating sceneries; you’ll surely wouldn’t want to get out of this Virgin Island. When you are in Puerto Princesa you can say that you are in an eat all you can restaurant. Everything is there, swimming, island hopping, firefly watching, mountain climbing, zip lining , and most of all there you will see the most splendid place which was coined as one of the 7 wonders of the world.




When I visited Palawan, I thought my stay would be boring, because my tourist agent booked me in just a simple hotel. The place was good but I find it a little boring, because I can’t see any guest once I came . And so this boredom answered me, once I got my itinerary and took my first tour. it was a 1 day tour wherein we need to travel 2 hours to go to Sabang Beach, It was an hypnotizing white beach that everyone would be captivate to feel the warm of the water. There is also a buffet lunch for everyone in the tour where you can taste the tastiest native chicken adobo. Before we go to Underground River or Subterranean River we rode in a Motorboat for about 30 minutes. The feeling was so intense once I saw the virgin sea, the fish of different colors were all free to swim, and the glimpse of the mountains from different part of the sea were also relaxing. The place was so damn fabulous! After 30 minutes of boat riding, we walk for about 10 minutes in the forest before we reach the cave. A paddle boat which was paddled by two guides took us inside the cave. IT was so cold inside the cave and scary because the only light to enlighten our journey was the flashlights of the guides. But once the boat was paddled and we saw different formations, we can’t help ourselves to amaze. We were bewitched with different rocks formations that are like human made. They said that it was more of imaginations but it was really fascinating, it is a pride that our country can be proud of.



/// Written by Melanie Paglinawan, The Philippines