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Pangkor Island – a 3 days trip

Pangkor Island is the place for beautiful sunsets

Pangkor Island is an island less famous but much more to offer. It is approximately 250km away from Kuala Lumpur. You can take a bus from “PUDU” bus station or drive all the way. It will cost you around RM25 for the journey by bus. It’s about 3 and half hour journey till LUMUT jetty.

Once you reach lumut jetty, you can take the ferry which will cost RM5 for the journey. The ferry ride is approximately 30 mins. Just as all the other holiday destinations, the place is crawling with tourists, locals, and internationals. The Lumut Jetty has a tourist center to help you with FREE things to do bourchers and map of the island. The lady working there is very helpful and will answer all of your queries related to the Pangkor trip.

Once you reach the Pangkor Jetty, you can rent a car, a motorbike or a cycle. The road is in a circle shape, so you will never get lost. You will need a ride to enjoy the island trip. The best time to reach the island is around 4 pm and you can check in the hotel and rest for a while. You can then, take your time to explore the Pangkor island. You will see the fisherman village, the old style marketplace, the beaches and a stunning the beautiful sunset.

You can enjoy the tasty local sea food of Pangkor. During the night, you will see night market and food stall, especially around the “Teluk Nipah” beach.

The second day you can start your day with an “Island hopping” boat trip. It’s best to start the day early as, during the day, the weather may get hot. The trip will take you and your friends around the islands surrounding the Pangkor Island. Among the many islands, you will hop around, “Coral Island” is the stop the bat driver will drop you for an hour. You can do snorkeling and swimming. The clear water and the beautiful underwater world will mesmerize you. You will not even know that the time has passed until you realize the boat coming to pick you up.

In the same island hopping trip, you will see the “Crocodile Rock”. The rock forms the shape of the crocodile and looks like it is coming out of the water. The view is amazing. Then you can continue your day with a banana boat, canoeing or kayaking and parasailing. Once the sun is at the peak, you can return to your room, have your lunch and rest well.

During the afternoon time after 4 pm, you can jump start your trip with a Jet Ski ride. The sound of the jet-ski against the waves makes your adrenaline rush even higher. After the adrenaline filled jet-ski you can swim in the beach of “Teluk Nipah” and enjoy the sunset again.

Jungle trekking on Pangkor Island

For the third day, you can start your early morning with a half day jungle trek and explore the tropical beauty of Pangkor Island. After the jungle trek, you can rest for few hours. During the afternoon time, you can visit the Chinese temple named ” Lin Je Kong” on the corner of the Teluk Nipah beach. The Chinese temple has lots of statues. My personal favorite is a mermaid (which looks like a merman) lol. Then you can spend your time swimming in the warm beach and enjoying the clear turquoise water and get ready for the evergreen and never fading night market of Teluk Nipah beach. There is another Chinese Temple named “Foo Lin Kong” which is famous for its own Mini Great Wall of China.

Don’t forget to buy souvenirs. Most of all, don’t forget to take a lot of photographs. The net day you can wake up late and get ready to move out. Return the transport you have rented and follow the same steps back to Kuala Lumpur.