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Seeing the World Class Chocolate Hills Up Close

When I was a kid, I’d always see Chocolate Hills on postcards and books. I don’t remember being impressed at all. Maybe because I was just a kid back then, or that those photos failed to capture its immense beauty.

During our first trip to Bohol a few years ago, I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of finally seeing the real Chocolate Hills. But the second I saw one up close while on our way to the Sagbayan viewing deck, I had to stop my jaw from dropping. The sight was incredible. It certainly looked way more beautiful in real life than in photos. That time I realized why Chocolate Hills was and still is the most popular tourist attraction in Bohol.

According to locals, there are 1,268 hills. They look like mini chocolates from afar during the dry season. During rainy season, the hills are covered with grass. But up close, you’d see that they stand from 30 to 50 meters tall.
The awesome sight of the Chocolate Hills can be enjoyed through two viewing decks. One is in Carmen and the other is in Sagbayan. We had gone to both viewing decks. The one in Carmen provides a wider view, meaning, you’ll get to see more hills but they’re smaller in size. The one in Sagbayan is closer so you’ll get to see them in bigger size. We rented a car to get to these two places.

Be sure to bring your camera when you visit the Chocolate Hills. It may be hard to replicate its splendor on photo but at least, you’ll have a wonderful memento of your visit here. We had so much fun taking pictures that we almost ran out of camera memory. It’s a good idea to bring a spare one.


/// Written by Wendeline Garcia, The Philippines