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South America road trip: top highlights and tips for you

South America is among the Americas the most fascinating both for the natural beauties represented by forests, deserts, mountains, and waterfalls and for the historical culture contained in numerous ancient cities. For those who are amazed by the beauty of those places and want to visit them, can establish a sort of main routes that should not be forgotten for a great South America road trip.

Let’s see together then the best highlights to visit South America and the best tips making for un unforgettable South America. We had our best time exploring them.. you are going to love them too!

Peru: Machu Picchu

Impossible not to put the wonder of Machu Picchu among the most beautiful places to visit in South America that far exceeds all expectations.

It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, often preoccupied with the great tourist burden that this archaeological site bears every year.

The aesthetic impact is breathtaking as it has an altitude of 2,340 meters and seems to have been built by an Inca emperor around 1440.

Bolivia: salt desert

Moving a bit ‘and arriving on the border with Chile, in Bolivia we find the unique show in the world offered by the Salt Desert.

Twelve thousand square kilometers of vast expanses of salt that, even, seem to be visible even from the Moon.

The show is dazzling in all senses, both for the actual and wonderful beauty of these salt dunes and for the reflection of the sun on them, so much so that we recommend the use of sunglasses.

Chile: Easter Island

The iconic unique island located in the Pacific Ocean shows monolithic statues, called moai, representing busts or otherwise very large heads dug and created within a single block of tufa. They are of varying height , perhaps dating back to 1000 d. C. Probably with the hope of becoming bearers of well-being and serenity in the direction of where they look. You cannot absolutely miss the story that they offer.

Brazil: the Amazon

Impossible not to jump in Brazil and take a look at the green lung of the earth: the Amazon. There are as many as 60,000 plant species, 1,000 bird species, and over 300 mammals. Unfortunately, affected by deforestation that, especially in Brazil, has seen 154.312 square kilometers of forest loss for the most varied and terrible causes dictated by the mind and stupidity of man. From here you can reach the Iguazu Falls, considered among the most beautiful in the world.

Renting a car in South America is a must

With tons of places and different areas to explore, each one with its history, backgrounds, nature and unique landscapes, renting a car in South America is a priority in order to embark a wider travel experience as a road trip. Don’t know where to start to rent a car? We have exactly what you need.

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