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Sunbathing in Bahura Beach Resort and Spa in Dauin

The Philippines is recognized for magnificent and captivating beaches. The country has more than 7000 islands, most boasting at least a sublime beach or more. For the tourists, it is easy to navigate because the people here are speaking English plus increasingly affordable to get to, as provincial budget airlines add Manila to their route maps, your travel to the Philippines will always bring you satisfying surprises about the islands, the people and their culture.

This country is a culture tender pot. Although mainly Malay, you can readily find Chinese, American, Spanish, Indian features among the people and influences in the native societies and traditions.

Imagine yourself, for a lenient moment, sunbathing in Bahura Beach Resort and Spa in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Palm trees cast willowy glooms along the elasticity of white sand; the sparkling, blue ocean motions you in for a swim. After your dip, it’s just a short stroll through their enthralling hotel, and your spacious room with calm ambiance and amazing bed. Then before getting ready for a relaxing seafood dinner, you can meander out onto your private balcony and listen to the surf.

Cottages and hut would usually cater to the family. Several room cottages complete with air-conditioned rooms provide the serene afternoon nap or a good night’s rest after the day or night fun. These are complemented with the normal home comforts, cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Romantic escapes composed of lodges on stilts that bulge into the water. It is as if the sea provides cuddles you with solitude and quiet that couples need for intimate moments.
So if you are looking for a solemn and alluring place to stay for a vacation with your loved ones, I dare you, Bahura Beach Resort and Spa is one of the best places to stay.