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The Concealed Beauty of Mariveles, Bataan

The unknown and concealed Mariveles

Mariveles, a municipality in Bataan, Philippines, is an unknown tourist destination to many travelers but is gradually being recognized due to the fascinating paradise behind its mountains. They call this spot the Mariveles Five Fingers.

For just $20, you can explore the breathtaking coves and spectacular rock formations of Mariveles. The coves include “Apatot,” “Talain”, “Porto Del Sol”, and “Tinanlakan”. The massive rock formations separate each cove making them unique from one another. Each cove provides different activities. The “Apatot Cove” has the most abundant activities to offer, which include snorkeling (BTW, be very careful with the sea urchins), and simply swimming in the sparkling blue water. If you’re into selfies or groufies, you can trek all the way to the top of the cliff. Trust me, it’s a perfect spot. Also, there’s “Apatot Bat and Edible-Nest Swiftlet Cave”, where you can actually go into if it’s low tide. Furthermore, there is a secret spot next to Apatot called “Natsu Lagoon”, which is also an exceptional place to take photos. However, the two latter are not suitable for swimming purposes because they inhabited by small jellyfish.

The Mariveles Five Fingers

Next destination is the “Tinanlakan Cove”, where you can go cliff diving. I believe this is the most apprehensive yet exciting part of the tour because you need a lot of guts to jump from an approximately 45 feet cliff and plunge down into the cool and clear sea water. Oh, and this time, there’s no jellyfish or sea urchins. This is a great spot to enjoy swimming and simply floating on the surface of the water since the sea floor is barely reachable. If you’re not a good swimmer, life vests might come in handy. Just keep floating! After that, you may proceed to “Talain and Porto Del Sol Coves”. Both coves have white sand and neighboring residents. Snorkeling is the primary activity in Talain Cove while wandering around the magnificent rock formation of Porto Del Sol.

A view from “Pulong Kawayan”

Lastly, there are two spots situated within the area. First is the “Pulong Kawayan”, a lofty and steep cliff where you can witness most stunning scenery you could ever see in Mariveles Five Fingers (though you have no choice but to climb up to its peak to catch it). Second is the “Nagbintana Arch”, a huge arch-like rock formation yet they “Nagbintana” (which means window) because it seems like you are looking through a window. For good swimmers, you can snorkel within the area so you can see some clownfish. (You might see Nemo down there)

“Nagbintana Arch, Mariveles Five Fingers”

Do you think you can accomplish these activities within a day? Do you think you can endeavor lots of energy and effort for this adventure? Then, this escapade is perfect for you. Go ahead and explore its grandeur!

/// Written by Claudine E. Macaraeg, The Philippines