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The perfect place for a relaxing day in Bangkok

When in Bangkok the busy street life and the heavy traffic sometimes can be a little bit overwhelming. So then it’s nice to have a special spot where one can go to relax, wind down and escape the heat for a while.

For me and lots of others that special place is the green beautiful and peaceful Santi Chaiprakarn Park next to the Chao Phraya River.

The Park is in the popular Banglamphu area on the corner of Thanon Phra Arthit and Thanon Phra Sumen, a 10 minute walk from the famous Khao San Road.

The main attractions of the Park is the impressive Phra Sumen Fort built in the late 18 th century used to protect the city from the Burmese. And the last surviving Lamphu Trees from where Banglamphu got it’s name. The trees are home to lots of Squirrels that visitors like to feed and photograph.
The Park also hosts big events like the Traditional Loy Khrathong Festival where people release thousands of paper lanterns into the sky, The Bangkok Theater Festival, The Indie Festival for music and art and also The International Blind Music Festival.



But what attracts me the most is the amazing view over the Chao Phraya River and the magnificent Rama VIII Bridge. To just sit there on a bench, feel the breeze and see all sorts of interesting boats passing by. And of course to see the incredible sunset with its glittering waters.
Every afternoon an hour or so before sunset the park guards bring out speakers and play peaceful traditional Thai music that makes the atmosphere even better.


For the early risers it’s a good start to visit the Park in the morning when the elderly Thai/Chinese locals are practicing Tai Chi and alike.

And on the Weekends when the place really comes into life when Thai youngsters and tourists gather to perform street arts, jamming sessions, breakdancing and even Poi artist juggling with fire then its a good time for people watching.

By the side of the Phra Sumen Fort there is a little passage with street vendors selling all sorts of street food, refreshing drinks and fresh fruit. Just perfect for a nice picnic in the Park.
There are also some colorful old River houses and boats on the North end of the area as well as a cozy old style Bar.




Alongside the River there are walkways so it’s possible to take a walk to the nearby boat Taxi Pier. Bring your camera and enjoy!

/// Written by Sophie Tingström, Thailand
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