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Bohol, Alona Beach at Panglao Island

Panglao Island is made of the youngest limestone units called Maribojoc limestone found in the north Bohol Sea.  It is divided into two municipalities: Dauis and Panglao. But on this journey, we’ll explore the Panglao Island specifically, Alona Beach.
Alona Beach is a top level tourist destination when it comes to the most beautiful white sand beaches in Panglao Island.  It is 1.5 kilometers long and has a number of bars and resorts lining it to choose from. This island is not an isolated area because there are many tourists (locals and foreigners) around exploring with their family, friends, and new friends found within the island. If you are serious about getting more adventure in your life, try to visit Alona Beach and see what is out there. Trust me. The experience you will get is priceless.


FOOD: There are many open-air restaurants along Alona Beach that offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner that cost a minimum of 180-300Php per meal. There are also restaurants that serve the best European and Asian cuisine at your table on the beach.  One shop called Bee Farm sell organic herbs, vegetables, and ice cream.

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NIGHT-LIFE: In Alona Vida Beach Resort Bar and Restaurant, they sell San Miguel Beer (80Php), Barcadi Coke (170Php), and Strawberry Daiquiri (210Php). Guest can also have a relaxing drink at the Best Happy Hour Bar and Restaurant. They sell Rum Coke, Whiskey Coke, Brandy Coke, Vodka Orange, and Gin Sprite for only 50Php each. And if you buy 2, you can get 1 free! Aside from these two bars and restaurants, you can see plenty of them along the beach that offers different types beverages. If you are a party-goer, there are many bars that play live music every night.



There are shops that provide unlimited recreational options like diving, snorkelling, and island hopping. And if you are really tired from travelling for how many hours or from doing other activities, and want to pamper yourself with a great massage, it only cost you only 350Php for an hour. You can easily find them anywhere along the beach. They even wear their uniforms for you to recognize them easily. Panglao has some local crafts that you may want to buy for souvenirs.


You will be confused about where to stay in Alona because of the options. Accommodation in Alona beach may be considered over-priced, but they offer Wi-Fi, Air-con, hot shower, balcony, refrigerator, and the like. Some would cost from 2000Php-10,000Php, and this would depend on what type of room you are renting. However, Alona Beach also welcomes those people who are on a tight budget with the same benefits of a wonderful night of rest. You can just fix your tent on the beach without any cost. You just need to clean all your trash to maintain cleanliness. And if you take a walk and go further away from the bars, restaurant, and shops, you will see an ideal for meditation.


HOW TO GET THERE: There is taxi, tricycle, and a motorbike available when you are at the ferry of Tagbilaran, Bohol. Going directly to Alona, the taxi would cost 600Php, the tricycle is 200php-300Php, and the motorbike for 2 people is 150Php-200Php (this would depend on our bargaining skills).

TIPS: Always read on the internet about the current fare price because there are drivers that will ask you more especially if you are a foreigner. Even locals within the Philippines experience this.

/// Written by Freeda Lyf, The Philippines