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Enjoy The Delicious Dish: Tahu Kupat

One of the foods that are sought after, especially in the daytime is tahu kupat. Word Kupat comes from tahu and Kupat or so-called ketupat because this dish is made out of two main ingredients. In Indonesia, these foods can be found in many areas, this because the dish is made out of many raw materials which can be found in many places around the country. the main areas are Solo, Yogyakarta, Magelang, and Bandung. there is little difference in the area of the region in preparing these foods. Generally the main food material is tahu, ketupat, bakwan, cabbage and beans. but there is also the added bean sprouts and noodles in the raw material. Tahukupat also has very thick sauce seasoning which is very typical. The solid black sauce is delicious. the taste is very sweet because it is made from soy sauce, sugar, garlic and mixed with a little water.

If you are happy with a slightly spicy flavor you can also add sliced ​​chilli on this dish or in the sauce. Also you can add on a fried egg to make thing more interesting. it further adds to the enjoyment of this dish. Usually the ingredients are fried immediately after ordering the food, so when you eat the dish it is still warm and krispi. Mixed with the other ingredients and added with a sweet black sauce, this dish is very tasty and delicious. coupled with a few nuts that add new flavors in the mouth. All together these ingredients give rise to a distinctive taste and make it different from other food offerings.

in general, people are accustomed to eating this dish in the morning and during the day. This meal is perfect to be enjoyed with a glass of coconut ice or iced tea, people in Indonesia used to do it all the time. During luch hours a lot of visitors will come to a place where they sell this dish because this dish is fit to be enjoyed at lunchtime, recess or during office time. You can also add crackers to accompany this dish. Indonesia has many typical dishes that are famous in the world and also diverse tourist destinations are very beautiful and fascinating and not too bad if you do some proper research first. Enjoy!

/// Written by Muktiagung, Indonesia