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BE coffee : A Hidden Gem for Coffee Geeks

Neither as big as Coffee Beans, nor as famous as Starbucks, but that little coffee shop stands out for its own design and drinks quality.

Located at 195 Bau Cat, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city, which is not very far from the city center, the shop has been running for more than 6 years. Despite being small and obscure, it is still crowded almost every single night, especially during weekends. So, what are the keys of this success?



The owner has taken advantages from his little space, by creating a neat-and-warm environment. Open the door and walk in, you immediately feel the coffee in the air! Everything is organized well, so that there are enough spaces and privacy for groups, as well as individuals. Plus, the soft yellow lights bring the customer good feelings, give them the chance for an endless talk with their friends, as if there is no one around.


Friendly and well-trained. Unlike the other shops, where you can hardly communicate with the baristas, here you can have a talk with them while they are making you the delicious drinks because the bar is designed for this purpose. Otherwise, you can hang out with them after work. They can make really good friends though. Additionally, you can always give feedback, about the drinks qualities, staff’s behaviors, etc… The boss appreciates every feedback and always has good adjustments afterwards, which is a plus.


A long list of drinks is waiting for you. You can choose from coffee to chocolate blended, from yoghurt to soda and many more. The drinks are good in qualities and quantities, and especially, prices. You can have a good cup of Mocha for just 27000 VND, which equals to 1 euro. In compared to Starbucks, it is cheap at one third the price.


Recommendation: Ice Mocha

One of the best drinks here. You can enjoy both the tastes of coffee and milk at the same time. The coffee is newly roasted, the milk is low fat, and they combine together pretty well. Give it a chance, and enjoy it till the last drop!

/// Written by Luong N, Vietnam