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Wedang Ronde: An Indonesian beverage to warm you up

When the weather gets cold (although in Indonesia it never gets too cold either, anyway), drinking or eating Wedang Ronde is a good idea. Indonesian people usually drink them at night or when it rains to warm up the body. Wedang Ronde is a traditional Javanese drink, containing of what so-called “Ronde” (the small round materials) that are usually filled with crushed peanuts. The dough of Ronde is actually made of glutinous rice flours, while the drink “wedang” itself is made of ginger water which is best served when still hot. Making Wedang Ronde yourself will not be a trouble since it’s pretty easy. Here is the basic recipe to make Wedang Ronde:

Ingredients to make “Ronde”:

300 gr glutinous rice flours
150 ml warm water
150 ml extract of Pandan or Suji leaves (for food coloring)
100 gr fried peanuts
3 teaspoon of sugar

Ingredients to make Wedang, the ginger water:

5 tablespoon of sugar
200 gr peeled gingers
1 L water


How to make “Ronde”:

  1. Mix and crush fried peanuts and sugar with blender. Shape them into small rounds (they’re later used for the filling of ronde). Set aside.
  2. Separate glutinous rice flours into 2 parts (sometimes can be more than 2, depends on how many colors of Ronde you want to make). In this case, I only made 2 colors of them: white and green.
  3. For the first part, add warm waters to it little by little. Stir and knead them until it becomes dough. For the other one, add the extract of Pandan or Suji leaves. Stir and knead them until it becomes dough.
  4. Take a small size of dough, flatten, and fill it with a round of peanut that is already processed in step 1. Round it off. Do the same until all of the dough runs out.
  5. Cook all the Ronde in a pan of boiling water until they float. Lift and put them to a pan of sugar water. Set aside.

How to make Wedang, the ginger water:

Put gingers into boiling water and add sugar. Cook until it boils.


How to serve:

Put the round materials “Ronde” in the hot ginger water of “wedang”. Serve them in bowls. If you want, you can also put supplementary material into it to be served with, such as fried peanuts, red pearl sago, or longan.

Have a try and enjoy!

/// Written by Tina P.S., Indonesia