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Kamchatka and Mongolia: 2 great unknown destinations

Taking some time off to visit another country is one of the best ways you can get away from the hassle and bustle of the busy cities. And did you know that going for a trip not only helps you bond with your loved ones but also plays a significant role in your well-being? Now you know!

If you are considering touring then Kamchatka and Mongolia should definitely be on your list. Let’s face it, planning a vacation can be overwhelming, but, with the help of travel agencies, the burden has been lifted off our shoulders. These travel agencies are in a better position to advise you and plan your journey to the Best Nordic Tours & Trips 2019.

In this article, we will be highlighting two best places to visit in the region, Kamchatka and Mongolia.


Kamchatka, one of the undiscovered gems on the Asian side of Russia, is the place you need to visit while in the country. The moment you set your foot in this area, you will be amazed by its beautiful scenery, rich culture, and pristine nature that will literally take your breath away. Let’s look at some of the activities you can enjoy while in Kamchatka;

1.    See bears in the world

There are plenty of brown bears in this region, approximately between 14,000-28, 0000. Chances are very high that you will definitely come across a bear while touring this area and it is recommended to have an armed ranger for your safety.

2.    Take a dip in the hot springs

The hot springs that were formed due to the high volcanic activity in the area are a good chill spot for tourists. You can soak up in the hot springs and take a bath as you meditate and enjoy every moment of it. In fact, it is the place to be especially in the winter when it is too cold.

3.    Climb an active volcano

Kamchatka is known for its large numbers of volcanoes. Out of 160, 29 of them are still active. Probably you were used to seeing volcanoes in the movies, but when you visit Kamchatka, the reality that hits you is thrilling. If you love the adrenaline rush, you are allowed to climb to the peaks and get to see the volcanoes close up. However, the volcanoes are still visible from almost anywhere in the capital of Kamchatka.

Besides the activities mentioned above, you can also get to go fishing, visit the black sand beach and take a walk in the Geyser Valley.


A landlocked country between China and Russia, Mongolia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world today. Here are some of the places you can visit while in this country;

1.    Go for a wild camp

If you are into camping, then Mongolia is the place to be! It is all about nature and how to survive with the least possible amenities. Get to experience how the ancient people used to live and create fires in the wilderness by going to the campsites in Mongolia. And the good thing is that camping in Mongolia is free!

2.    Hiking

Mongolia is known for its rugged terrain. In fact, in Mongolia, it is hard to be caught up in a traffic jam. All you would expect to see is a large herd of cows and horses in the area. Amazing right? If you have never horse ridden before, then this is the perfect place to give it a shot.  Also, for the adventure lovers, you can hike around Ugii Lake and climb the Bogd Khan Mountain.

3.    Experience the Mongolian culture

The Mongolian people are very welcoming and have heartwarming smiles. The moment you arrive, you feel quite at home. Additionally, if you want to attend the National Nadaam Festival, the best time to travel is in July. You will get to enjoy wrestling competitions, archery, horse races, and enjoy the Mongolian cuisines.