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Golden Cowrie Opens Newest Hukad Branch in Puerto Princesa Palawan

One look at Hukad’s classy façade of slanting brick posts, metal lamps, and glass walls, and you’d immediately think that the place is high-end in both quality and price. Yes, quality is topnotch, no doubt about that, but the prices—surprisingly very affordable! A place that looks like this typically has menu prices starting at P300 per dish but at Hukad’s giant menu right by the doorway, you’ll find prices as low as P98!

Originating in Cebu and eventually branching out to Davao and other parts of the Philippines, Hukad is fast becoming a household name when it comes to excellent Filipino food. And one of its newest branches is here in Puerto Princesa, nestled within the One Manalo Complex along Manalo Extension. It’s only two to three minutes away from the airport.

Upon entering the restaurant where my brother chose to celebrate his 25th birthday with us his family, my moment of marveling at the equally posh interiors was cut short by friendly greetings from the restaurant’s staff. Palaweños are touted for their hospitality particularly to tourists and foreigners as most Filipinos are, but ironically, Puerto Princesa restaurants are not exactly known for cheerful servers. So this is another plus point for Hukad. The staff went beyond the usual “good evening, may we take your orders please?” to accommodate us and our requests, and make us feel at home.

But the most crucial point is still the food of course. Even with the nicest people or the classiest design, a restaurant won’t thrive without excellent food. Hukad did not fail to deliver. All the dishes are outstanding in taste, presentation, and quality. Our particular favorites are the crispy pork kare-kare (served in a unique way, not the usual kare-kare in a pot), crispy dinuguan, pakbet, laing, sizzling tuna belly, calamares, and sisig.
Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you won’t think twice about saying “I’ll be coming back to this place” once you get a taste of what it has to offer.

/// Written by Wendelou Garcia, The Philippines