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Pisang Goreng, Malaysia

Maybe you have tried many ways and things to eat with bananas, banana split, fried banana with sugar icing, banana cake, you name it. But have you ever try eating hot spicy crunchy bananas?

Malaysia is one of the countries in Asia, selling ‘pisang goreng’, a lite snacks enjoy by the many walks of life in Malaysia. It is known as ‘pisang goreng’ probably due to the direct translation taken from English ‘fried banana’. But be careful not to order ‘goreng pisang’ as that would mean the action of frying banana in the Malay language instead of buying home some fried bananas. (for translation: Pisang = Banana, Goreng = Fried).


Most of the time I find my fried banana snacks from those selling at the street vendors. I haven’t come across any restaurant serving hot spicy fried banana yet. A pity though that most of my international friends doesn’t like street vendors food as they have their mindset that the food is not properly handled, or clean, as they like to call it. But rest assure, these street vendors are quite decently clean, most but not all.

The reason why I stated it as hot spicy fried banana is because in Malaysia, the ‘pisang goreng’ is commonly served with their own home made souce, which is a mixture of the already blanded garlic, ‘cili padi’; a type of small chili that produce a great amount of hotness, some sugar and a pinch of salt. Though different vendors like to prepare the souce differently according to their liking and for competition sake. For me, I normally head to the ones who have the hottest souce, despite the need for water later.