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Write for us and win!

Write an article for thedailyroar.com and win great money prizes!

To celebrate the launch of thedailyroar.com we have come up with a great idea!
Are you living in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, India, Korea, China or Japan?
Then we have a great proposal/competition for you! We of The Daily Roar would love to know more about your country and challenge you to write an article for us. You can win great money prizes. So how does it work?

Step 1 : Write an article that contains at least 1 picture about the subject and consists of around 200 to 300 words. The article must be in proper English! (we will check for spelling/grammar flaws so don’t worry) The subject of the article must be related to your own country like famous local food/dishes, cultural events, lifestyle, travelling/must visit places etc. (for examples go to www.thedailyroar.com)

Step 2 : When you’re done send your article together with the pictures to: info@thedailyroar.com together with your name, e-mail and country location. After that we will check the article and place it on www.thedailyroar.com

Step 3 : After your article appears on www.thedailyroar.com try to get as many likes and shares as possible. Three articles with the most shares and likes will each win an amount of RM 50! Malaysian ringgit (please convert to your local money rate)


 Terms and conditions of this competition:

-A minimum of 5 competitors is needed. If less then 5 the competition will not take place

-When sending the article and pictures to thedailyroar.com you automatically agree to our copywrite conditions which allow us to put thedailyroar.com mark in the picture on our website. The Daily Roar will have full rights for commercial usage of the content and images.

-The article and images need to be unique and cannot be copied or stolen from other blogs or website. Should this be the case then the contestant will be removed from the competition and reported for plagiarism

-This competition will last one month, starting from the day it will be posted online.

-A contestant is allowed to send more then 1 article.

-For any further questions please contact info@thedailyroar.com

Give yourself some good competition and challenge other people also! Share and like this message. Thank you!