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Iligan’s Pride: Tinago Falls

City life is always busy, always moving, always in a hurry. Once in a while, one feels the need to unwind, to get away from the hassle of the city life. Well, in Iligan City, there’s a place to give you serenity and adventure all at the same time.

Unknown to many, a few minutes away from the city of Iligan is a wonderful falls that would surely offer a great time to enjoy and to relax. While the city is in chaos, while it is hot, noisy and crowded, there’s a place that is entirely the opposite, but in a very positive way. Life is short and yet there are just too many places that you might be missing. This world is indeed a wonder and more remains to be seen, to be discovered. If you are looking for something new, something extraordinary, Tinago Falls just might be the best place for you.
One of Iligan City’s greatest prides is Tinago Falls which means the hidden falls. This amazing falls has been one of the most visited falls in the place as it is indeed one of the many wonderful works of nature itself. It lies between the boundaries of Iligan City and the Municipality of Linamon, a 30-minute ride from the city proper. It is surrounded with trees and a mountain sits right above of it.

Just as any visitor who had visited it would say, visiting the hidden falls is not that easy. It is not easy getting there and it would probably be a tiring task. Why? First, because it requires two-three rides in order to get to the place. Second, and perhaps the most tiring one is that one must first go through more than three hundred steps to reach the bottom, where the falls resides. And yet, it is worth the sacrifice. Reaching the bottom is as magical as the falls itself. Iligan City, the city commonly referred to as the city of majestic waterfalls, has more than a hundred waterfalls and Tinago Falls is just one of the greatest that it has. Foreigners, even national artists, visit this place just so they could witness the falls’ grandeur.

What is amazing about this falls is that it has stayed the same all over the years. With a look over its long history, it seemed like nature has really preserved one of its greatest gems.
Truly, sometimes, most of the most fascinating wonders require one to pay great prices. Well, if the prices for this amazing falls are three rides, a few hundred steps, it doesn’t really matter at all. Or, if it even matters, it is all worth it. Remember, all great things should be done with great efforts.

Dive into the cool waters. Look at the wonders that you might just not forget for your whole life. Come and see what more nature has to offer. Tinago Falls is one place you will always want to come back to.