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Winter Love Pai

I woke up when the clock under my pillow was gentle alarm. Cold air passes through small hole on the wooden wall to touch my skin and refresh me up. Clock show 6.00 am in this freezing morning. I slowly move my body to get out of bed and trying to reach out for tourist pamphlet which lay on cooling floor. I read all about it as “Welcome to Pai, a small township, embraced by rolling mountains and enveloped in natural setting that is fresh and beautiful. The atmosphere is clean, pure, quiet and warmly welcoming. The different ethnic groups, religious beliefs and languages of the people of plains and the people of the mountains have blended together here to form a unique set of cultural traditions…..”



I open the door for taking more fresh air outside the room and I found myself standing in the middle of foggy large green paddy field! It’s so lovely and beautiful!!
Lovely sense leads me to take a time on the room balcony till late morning. Then I decide to ride a rental motorcycle to the downtown for finding some delicious foods.
After 10 mins, I arrive at the small market ones. The weather still cold there – approx. 12 Degree Celsius. This place is similar to other countryside markets which located in the border arena. There have lots of minority people in various traditional coming with different goods. For this point make small market likes there become wonderful ones. I buy “Kao Soi Kai” (Egg Noodle in Chicken Curry) and “Pad Thai” (Fried Rice Sticks with Shrimp) for brunch time. Both are delicious as I dream!! ^_^



My feet would be senseless if I still soak them in the river. It’s Noon now but the weather still cold as same as morning time. Pai River that I float down on a Bamboo raft is a small waterway which as a main supply for every living things in this town. Greening forest and various birds found on the riverbank in every step that I float. Around 1 hour, I disembark with sense of happiness because of this activity rarely to find in the Bangkok “Chao Phraya River”.
The wheels of rental motorcycle bring me to the famous scenic point which located on the hill (between “Pai” and “the main district of Mae Hong Son” road) There have some group of tourist with their camera are shuttering attractive view while I arrive. I can feel on top of the world after see such a expansive scenery likes here.

The Sunset downs behind the hills. Last natural light of the day has gone – leave a beautiful memory stuck inside my heart only. My watch show 7.00 pm. It’s time to go back and get rest! I ride my chummy rental motorcycle back to Pai. Good Night!!




Pai is a small village in Mae Hong Son Province (North Of Thailand). The city located in the hills. You can take Bus from Chiang Mai to Pai (take approx. 3 Hours) directly.

-“Hope you enjoy for next Trip in Pai as same as me”-

/// Written by Watchara Intrasombat, Thailand