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What to do in Cologne on sunday? Stores open?

What to do in Cologne on sunday, are the Stores open

Located in Germany in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne is one of the larger cities in Germany with as many as over a million inhabitants. Cologne is rich in history that goes way back. Being located on the Rhine River, Cologne played a crucial role in Roman times but also certainly during World War II. Unfortunately, during this time, we are talking about the year 1945, the city was largely destroyed. After the war, the city was rebuilt and important buildings, such as the cathedral, were restored. In addition, it also gave way to new buildings. Today, Cologne is in great demand for tourism. It has become a multicultural city known for its large Christmas markets that are brought out in November and December. Cologne is a safe city with plenty of stores, restaurants and hotels to stay in. We will tell you what to do in Cologne on Sunday.


Are the stores in Cologne open on Sundays?

Cologne stores open Sunday shopping Cologne definitely takes place. In Germany, Sunday is a holy day and also a day of rest and stores are not open every Sunday, as you may be accustomed to from other cities. However, Cologne does have four shopping Sundays in the year, most of which take place during a special day. Think of activities such as the annual big market before Christmas or an event such as sports held in the city. But visiting Cologne on Sundays is certainly not boring!


Which sightseeing spots in Cologne are open on Sunday

Cologne on Sunday is fine with still plenty of activities to visit that do open. Besides the well-known openings of restaurants and cafes, you can visit:
– Cologne Cathedral.
– The Imhoff-Schokolademuseum.
– A boat ride on the Rhine.
– Hanging a love lock on the Hohenzollern Brucke.
– Bike Tour.
– Kölner Zoo


Cologne Cathedral

the beautiful Cathedral - Kölner Dom- This cathedral is almost the tallest building in the cityOne of the famous sights of Cologne is, of course, the beautiful Cathedral (Kölner Dom). This cathedral is almost the tallest building in the city at 157 meters high and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. This is a cathedral of Gothic architecture with many stained-glass windows dating from the 14th and 16th centuries. Some six million people visit the cathedral every year. For a magnificent view of the city, you can climb the south tower with its 533 steps! During this climb, you will pass by the bell chamber and it will give you a nice look behind the scenes. The whole climb will take you about an hour to finally get to the top of the tower. If you don’t like the height so much, you can visit the treasure room at the bottom of the cathedral or the chapel.


The Imhoff-Schokolademuseum

Those who love chocolate are in the right place! In the year 1993, the museum came about and opened its doors with owner Hans Imhoff, also known as the chocolate king. Four years after Hans Imhoff participated in a trial on a 150th anniversary of the chocolate brand “Stollwerck” (famous brand in Germany), his chocolate was so much appreciated that he opened a museum. In this museum you can see the whole process of making chocolate. from history to production. You can see how the chocolate bars are made and then get to taste it. In the special chocolate store you can taste various chocolates of the Lindt brand. You can also participate in the making of chocolates.


Boat trip on the Rhine

Boat trip on the Rhine in CologneNothing beats taking a boat trip on the Rhine to see the city of Cologne from the water. Especially in the summer months with nice weather, this is a must do. You can take various types of trips. Each boat tour has its own route with pick-up and drop-off spots, so you can get off the boat in a different part of Cologne. You have various boat tours available both during the day and in the evenings, and you can take various types of packages (with food and drinks included or without).


Love lock

What could be more fun than making a memory of the beloved city of Cologne? You can do this by visiting the Hohenzollern Brucke with your loved one where you can hang love locks on the bridge. From the Cathedral, you can visit this bridge where many predecessors have gone before you.


Bike tour

Not only can you see the city of Cologne on foot, but also by bicycle. Which is also very nice, because you can get a little further and see more of the city. You have organized tours that take you past the many sights or you can cycle around the city on your own. Ideal on Sundays, when it’s a bit quiet because the stores are closed.


Cologne Zoo

In 1860, this zoo made its grand entrance and over the years has developed into a beautiful zoo with many animals. For example, it has an aquarium, monkey house and tropical animal shelter. They also have the familiar animals such as giraffes and lions. In total, there are about 10,000 animals to be found, making the zoo considerably large. Ideal to visit on a Sunday.

Cologne stores open Sunday stores Cologne is thus possible about four times a year.
But as can be read, Sunday is certainly good to spend when the stores are not open and so you can still do many activities. For more information on the city of Cologne with its many attractions, restaurants and hotels, you can check this site.


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